In order to expedite the application process, please fill in as much information as you can. Not all fields are required, but we recommend you answer every question as completely as possible. You cannot write "too much", but you can write "too little."

Mumble is required for raiding. Please make sure you have it installed and ready for use.

What's the in-game name,class and spec of the character you are applying on?(required)

What's your Real ID or Battletag?(required)

Whats is an email address we can reach you on?(required)

Are you able to make our raiding schedule of T/W/Sun 9:00PM to Midnight(12:00AM)EST?(required)

Please provide your character's armory link (required)

Reliable internet is critical for progression, How's yours?(required)
Please test your connection to Dallas, Texas and link the result to us.

Post a link to screenshot of your UI in a raid setting.

Guild and Raiding History
What guilds have you raided with, what was your progression while the content was current, and why did you leave each of them?
Also, why are you interested in Team Two?

Addons and User Interface
What addons do you use for raiding? Why do you use them and how to they influence your performance?
Team Two requires the use of certain addons for progression, are you willing to install addons upon request?

Post a link to recent parses that demonstrate your performance in raids. (required)

We require parses because it is almost impossible to evaluate performance without them. If you do not have logs from the guild you are coming from, at least do a LFR/Normal/Heroic run and log it so we have something to look at. Applications without any logs will almost certainly be auto-declined.

If there were specific assignments, strategy choices, etc. that impacted your performance, let us know below.

Stats, Gems, Enchants, and Gear
Briefly explain your stat priority, what gems and enchants you use, and if there are any specific pieces of gear that are essential for your spec (ie. trinkets).
For gear, feel free to link to an external BiS gear list if you are using one.

Anything else?
Feel free to put anything else you want to mention in this box.